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Fullblood vs. Purebred

Fullblood vs. Purebred

The South Poll Cow

Meet the South Poll Cow

Most US cattle are bred to require grain rations and antibiotics but the small-framed red cow thrives on a grass-only ...
Article Cow Trio

Farming is an Agreeable Way of Life

According to National Agriculture Statistics Service, Marshall County is home to 1,505 farms that produce chickens, cattle, pigs, vegetables, fruit ...
Utah Rancher Finds South Polls a Perfect Fit for His Environment

Utah Rancher Finds South Polls a Perfect Fit for His Environment

Southern Utah rancher Steve Westhoff has found that South Polls are a perfect fit for his environment. That’s not much ...
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John Lyons Attracts Attention

John Lyons has never been to Hawaii, but his cows have. Lyons sold seven of his specially-bred, grass-fed South Poll ...
2016 08 20 Teddy at LSU

Teddy LSU Speaking Fees

BATON ROUGE, La. – Two Louisiana 4-H’ers were recognized for their winning submissions in a grazing management essay contest sponsored ...
Farm Wins Award Photo

Farm Wins Award

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett stood in a pasture Monday afternoon, next to a barn on Green Acres Farm in ...